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"I continue to marvel, as I did from the first, at her distinctive voice, her control over her cool, sophisticated prose and her wise-beyond-her-years insight into her characters' human conditions. As an author, Halle never shirks from cracking the smooth glass of daily modern appearances - she goes deep, grappling with the murkier complexities of romantic urban life (jealousy, revenge, missed opportunities, despair)... I believe, if she continues in this vein, she might produce a collection that could serve as insight, a roadmap, to the psychological topography of her generation."

- Marianne Wiggins, finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award, Author of Properties of Thirst and Evidence of Things Unseen




Halle Sparrow Arbaugh is a writer based in California.  She is working  on an original TV series with Big Beach Films, as well as a novel. She earned her B.A. in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing from the University of Southern California. Her short stories, essays, and poems have been published by and included in anthologies from Penguin Random House, Heinemann, Highlights' Spider Magazine, Figment, Her Daily, and others. 

Writing awards and recognitions have included:

-  Edward W. Moses Award for Creative Writing 

- University of Southern California English Department awards for short fiction and poetry

-  Figment Story-In-Verse contest   (short-listed/finalist)

-  Generation Next Creative Writing Award winner

-  "Power of the Pen" fiction contest award winner 

- Nominated to the Board of the USC Alumni Association - Young Alumni in 2019 

In her writing, she seeks to explore narratives through traditional and unconventional storytelling mediums, dealing with themes such as the psychological character of the modern American, the artist's place in society, romance as a fictional construct and more. Her writing is informed by the places she has lived, including the Midwest, New York, New Orleans, Vermont, and Normandy, France, where she studied in high school.

She and her partner split their time between Santa Monica and California's Central Coast.


© 2025 Halle Sparrow Arbaugh  

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